The act of taking one’s fingerprints was to have an unchangeable form of identification for a specific person.  As humans, we all have fingerprints, teeth imprints, DNA and other characteristics that identify us as a single individual.  With fingerprints there are no two people alike on the planet that will have the same prints, not even identical twins.  In the past, traditional ink card san fernando valley ca were used to keep track of fingerprints.  Today, they are still used in some cases, but everything has turned to digital scans.


Passports are a form of international documentation.  A passport will allow you to leave one country and enter another.  To apply for a passport your fingerprints will need to be put on file.  Also, a copy of your print will be on the actual passport itself.

Jail or prison

If you are arrested your fingerprints will be put on file in the criminal database.  This database can be searched by local law enforcement in your state to see if you have ever been arrested or convicted of a serious crime.


What are the ethics behind fingerprinting?  Many will say it is necessary to have this information on file so that if a crime happens then fingerprints can find who did it.  What about planting fingerprints?  If you have a copy of a print on file who is to say you can somehow reproduce this print in a real-world environment and frame someone else for a crime?  With digital technology why can’t we print a piece of latex with your print, or a partial print, wear it on our hand to produce your print?

traditional ink card san fernando valley ca

Once your print is removed and stored in a database or somewhere else who is to say it will stay there.  And if it does stay there who is to say who will have access to this information and will use it to their own benefit?

With technology growing so fast, who is to say we are farther past the point of no return.