Guys, don’t know about you, but everywhere you go or work these days, everyone seems to be talking about it. In the business environment they always seem to be talking about sustainable development. Going forward. Thing is, you should be thinking about it too. So, you’re not in the business of sustainable development. But as a DIY guy at home, you should be. Here’s why. Let’s start with your usual power supplies.

power supplies

These are the tools for which you would usually need a ready to go electrical current. There are wires or leads attached to them. And of course, by the time you are ready to use them, you just slot the plug in at the wall socket at the other end and just switch the power on. And it is off to work you go. But hey! Not so fast, dude! One thing to get carried away with your next DIY project. But quite another when you receive the utilities bill at the end of the month.

Do not be surprised if a big fat extra zero has been added to the account. There’s a way out of it. Have you given any thought to utilizing cordless options instead? These would be your battery powered drills and screwdrivers, and whatnot. You see now how you end up killing two birds with one stone. Well, you’re not really killing the birds, but you do get the point. And maybe you’re building a new bird house out in the yard.

On the one hand, you’re not using any electricity. So there’s no zapping of your electricity account. Going forward. And on the other hand, you’re safe as houses. Why? Because there’s no long leads or cords getting under everyone’s feet.