Security and safety are a major priority and concern in this day in age.  More often than not people are starting to be bolder and more brazen in how they will get over on you and try to get ahead.  For this reason you really need to take control of your life and your own security.  One thing that people are looking to do is install an electronic door lock orlando.  These door locks can be controlled by a remote control or from a remote location.  This increased security option is only the start of the process.  Here are a few more options.

Security cameras

electronic door lock orlando

There are a slew of security camera options available to people today.  One popular is the doorbell camera.  This camera will record what is going on and even alert you when activity is live.  You can then look at your phone and even communicate through the app deterring porch pirates and vandals.

Limit social media

We all love Facebook and Twitter.  However, we don’t have to tell the world every single little detail.  When using social media, don’t tell people that you will be gone from your house on vacation or an extended period of time.  You don’t want to give out names such as your pets and kids.  If you do, don’t use them as your passwords or any portion of your passwords. 

When people search social media, they are looking for clues that they can use against you.  They are watching your videos to see what stuff you have, where it is and how they can move around your house.  People online may say they are your friends, but in many cases, they are just seeking you out to see what they can get.  So watch your back.

Change up your routine

Finally, change up your routine.  Don’t leave your house at the same time every day, and even come back home randomly on occasions.  Don’t drive the same route, go to the same doughnut shop or create a predictable pattern that others can follow.  When people know more about you than you think they do, they will use it against you however they see fit.