Did you know that 65% of all home burglaries are made by someone that you know? Further shocking, homeowners are at home during 23% of all home invasions. It is vital that you are protected when you are home and when you are away so that you do not become the next victim of this heinous crime. Home robberies occur every six minutes in the U.S. You can take measures to prevent your home from becoming the next target for burglars. Keep these tips in mind to protect your home and family.

Lock the Doors

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Lock your doors when you leave the house and once you go inside the home. Far too many burglaries occur because the homeowner didn’t lock the doors. Don’t include yourself in this category and double check that the doors are locked on your way out and on your way in.

Install an Alarm

The best line of protection against a burglary is a home alarm complete with burglar alarm monitoring tisbury ma. It is inexpensive to install an alarm and monitoring service is just as cheap. You need a state of the art alarm on your house.

Install a Fence

Burglars want an easy entrance and exit. If you have a fence installed, there is greater risk they’ll be caught and less chance they’ll take the risk. A wood fence even adds privacy to the house.

Window Locks

If the windows of your home do not lock, make the upgrade today. Locking windows add amazing protection to the home that may very well help keep out intruders.

The Bottom Line

Don’t take any risks when it’s time to protect your home. The tips above are a few of the many that can help you prevent burglary and protect yourself, your family, and your home at the most important time.